Data Security

GGSI understands one of the major concerns of our clients in today's business environment is data security. As a service provider working with sensitive data, we provide solutions that give our clients complete peace of mind.

Security Facility
GGSI has chosen a leading Canadian provider of outsourced data center infrastructure to host our production servers. This data center providers a highly secure physical infrastructure that includes:
  • Biometric authentication, video surveillance and round-the-clock security guards.
  • Multiple layers of redundancy in power systems, HVAC and fire detection and suppression.
  • Connection to all major Internet backbones in Canada with 24/7 firewall monitoring services.
All production servers are operational 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and are monitored for performance on the same basis.

All production databases are completely backed-up daily to offsite standby servers. GGSI maintains a complete Business Continuity Plan that includes all types of scenarios for major disasters and minor failures with full recovery procedures. GGSI tests its recovery procedures at least once annually to confirm its validity. The Security Officer updates the Business Continuity Plan when necessary with a complete review every two years.

Each employee is required to sign a Letter of Confidentiality and Security Policy when joining the company. The Security Officer will update the Security Policy once every two years and each employee is required to review and sign the revised Policy. Our Security Policy provides the following guidelines:
  • The handling of client data in electronic and paper form.
  • Use of company laptops and desktop computers.
  • The installation or removal of servers (for technical staff).
  • The administration of networks and firewall (for technical staff).