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System Features
GGSI's pension administration system combines:
  • Record keeping
  • Administration
  • Investment management
  • Employee communication
  • Data transfer
  • Data conversion
  • Multiple languages
It enables the user to:
  • Store and access member data
  • Automatically determine a member's eligibility for entry into the plan
  • Calculate benefits in the event of death, termination or retirement
  • Generate automatic or customized reports, letters and statements for members, management, government filings, fund managers, etc
It provides powerful management capability including the ability to handle:
  • Any number of plans and members
  • Multiple fund managers and investment options
  • Qualified and non-qualified plans

The system is fully functional and is currently in use to support the record keeping requirements for major corporations and financial institutions around the globe. The system supports a variety of plans ranging from small plans (under 50 participants) to plans in excess of 100,000 participants. GGSI’s focus is on finding ways to continually improve the administration facility provided to the user, and on delivering a system that is practical, cost-effective, efficient and easy to use. After all GGSI is a user of the system too, using it to support its administration services.

The GGSI system provides:
  • All the functionality required to administer qualified and non-qualified DC plans and DB pension plan products
  • A sophisticated legislative module to ensure compliance with current legislation
  • Extensive fund accounting capability
  • A complete benefit entitlement calculation module that incorporates money movement and separation
  • A comprehensive member and plan sponsor reporting package
  • Registration and tax reporting in compliance with Government requirements
  • Extensive data import/export capability that will interface with the customer’s other systems, e.g. general ledger accounting, payment, actuarial, etc.