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OnLine Access

Address, enrolment data, employment date, contact details, and beneficiary election.

Number of fund units held, current price, total value and all historical transactions by each fund or by transaction date.

GGSI's trading system is completely automated and allows members to trade current holdings and purchase funds available to the plan. Members can see the status of their trade requests at anytime.

Members can view their current fund allocation (how their deposits are to be invested as received) and can change their allocation from a list of authorized funds in the plan or any lifestyle portfolio that may have been created by the plan's investment advisor.

Provides actual rate of return for each fund held in the members account and total rate of return for their account. Members can choose to calculate a return for any time segment or specific time period within the history of their account.

Members can access historical account statements or any plan information documents made available to them on the system.

Plan sponsors can enroll new members to the plan online. By issuing a temporary Access Code and password members can go online and complete the required information. The system will ensure the member has included all required information before allowing the plan sponsor to release member onto the platform.

Authorized persons involved in the administration of the plan can use the secure and encrypted environment within the website to exchange sensitive files with one another. Too often, personal information or instructions are sent by simple email with limited security protection. The drop-off and pick-up function eliminates the risk with no added software purchase required by the users.

In some cases plan sponsors may not have use of a payroll system or receive member contributions from many office locations. Rather than compiling this information manually, personnel staff can use the previous contribution file from the system and amend information as necessary to create the next remittance file.

Authorized users (HR Department, Trustee or Investment Advisors) can post information to the system by either uploading documents from their PC or with the News flash function. The user can add a message with a start and expiry date. Any time a member accesses their account the news item will appear unless it has expired.

GGSI supports a green initiative for environmentally friendly plans that wish to reduce paper use. Plan sponsors, trustees, and other authorized intermediaries can access important information about their plan online. Reports and plan statistics can be viewed electronically and printed if necessary.